• we always stick to the deadlines
    Well-designed workflow = progression
  • An extra step can help a lot
    The +1 is our favourite number
  • We do not beautify things
    We set realistic goals
  • The world of marketing changes day by day
    We keep up with trends

We do:

Online marketing consulting

We review and analyze the marketing channels you’ve used so far. We make concrete proposals and plans, and give you an external perspective to easily reach your goals.

Website development

In today's world, it's a basic requirement for a business to have a website that is modern, functional and works well on all platforms. We are not only design and build, but also maintain these web pages too.

Custom software development

Based on your unique ideas, we create professional and reliable, demanding programs that speed up and simplify your business processes.

E-commerce. webshop

Online commerce is now an inevitable sales channel. We develop and operate completely customizable, perfectly user- and customer-friendly, modern webshops with years of experience.

Marketing education

For those who are just starting out but want to manage their own corporate facebook page, webshop, we organize small, customized sessions where they can learn the basics.

Copywriting and content-management

We create personalized, real-value content for print and online interfaces, according to your goals and needs, within a short time frame, reliably.

Newsletter editing and sending

One of the cheapest and simplest but sure-to-reach marketing tools, but only a few can successfully use it due to lack of time and sense. We are capable of it.

SM pages management

We have huge experience in managing starting and existing company profiles on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. We undertake regular updates of our pages, organic increase of customer reach, or brand building.

Planning and running social media campaigns

We design and execute your Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns, continuously optimize them, and give you feedback on the results.

How we work

What are we doing now

We are so proud of these tasks


The behir.hu is the most significant Békés County public service news webportal - we have replaced their wordpress installation with a custom-made website engine. One of the most important goal was to provide a fresh, fast, easy-to-read mobile interface for their readers, that can be easily uploaded by members of the editorial team from a completely customized admin interface. In addition to continuous project management during the development phase, we also provided strategic and marketing consulting.



The Munkacsy Quarter
The Munkacsy Quarter

The Munkácsy Quarter project will create a cultural, artistic and community area in the historic center of the county town, which will redefine Békéscsaba as a tourist destination with unique, complex services for all visitors. We are developing a central website for the project to be completed in 2021.


We own one of the most well-known e-commerce platforms in Hungary, with hundreds of active webshops under its name, which are being made more efficient by continuous improvements - whether its payment systems, integration of delivery options or custom design.

Arcanum Hotel
Arcanum Hotel

“We are developing and operating a website and booking system for the highest quality hotel in Békés County, Hungary. It is important for them that their guest use their quality services in the right interface.

Waste management application
Waste management application

An innovative, multi-award winning, custom developed map application, the first in the world. It helps building companies to recycle as much construction waste as possible. The future lies with environmentally conscious people, and there are many opportunities ahead. And we love opportunities!

We at OnlineX believe in authentic and effective online communication.

Our goal is to provide our clients with up-to-date assistance, thereby contributing to their competitiveness.

We don’t chase anyone with offers.

We only work with businesses that we believe in and that are open to the possibilities of online interfaces.